Delta Granite Showroom

While some people come here to Delta Granite with an exact plan for their home renovation, some come simply looking for inspiration. If you want a little help visualizing different ideas for your home renovation, look no further than our expansive Delta Granite showroom. When we say you could live in our showroom, we aren’t kidding! We have examples for kitchen layouts, bathrooms, and other custom room setups for you to look at, touch, and imagine becoming a part of your home.

Besides our fully realized room examples, our showroom also features a number of samples of different materials and design options that you can mix and match to find your own perfect design. We have a number of examples of, not only granite, but also marble, tile, and even brick, to give you as many options as possible for building a beautiful and long lasting part of your home. Granite is a versatile and durable material, but a kitchen or bathroom project sometimes needs some extra color to make it complete. That’s why we have a wide variety of options for designing custom backsplashes or bathroom accent pieces to give a perfect balance to any room.

Of course, the most helpful part of our showroom isn’t a room set up or a wide variety of samples, it is our helpful an highly knowledgeable sales representatives who will listen to and help you every step of the way. Come in to our showroom and see for yourself today!