Delta Granite is committed to protecting its people, the natural resources it uses, and its impact on the environment. As an industry leader, Delta Granite has a rich heritage of investing in its resource management.


Our efforts have reduced our annual water usage by approximately 1.7 MILLION GALLONS.

Stonecrafting traditionally uses a significant amount of water. Additionally, run-off water is hazardous for our employees and the environment since the run-off water is contaminated and can cause allergic/skin reactions. It can also cause harm to our water system. Effectively managing run-off water in stone fabricating is essential for our employees and our community’s water system.

The goal of wise water management is not just to use less water; it is about more effectively managing the water you use. Delta Granite has been doing just that for over 20 years.

In a time where many businesses are evaluating every penny as a negotiable expense, Delta Granite continues to invest in optimizing its management of water and air for the benefit of its employees and our city’s water resources.

We hope to inspire others to invest in saving and protecting our precious resources.

Not only do our Delta Granite customers appreciate our care and concern for every detail of their projects…they appreciate that it is a strength we apply across all facets of our business. And it’s right thing to do for our Delta Granite Team.

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Delta Granite demonstrates our eco-friendly values and commitment in many ways:

  • Delta Granite has chosen to invest more than $160,000 over the last 3 years in water and air management systems and processes.
  • All water used is filtered, processed, and re-circulated with a state-of-the-art Water Filtration and Management System.
  • Air is managed and filtered with one of the most-expansive air filtration systems operating in any stone fabricator in South Texas.
  • SafetyFirst practices insure all Stonecrafters follow all Delta Granite SafetyFirst policies and procedures.

Through these and many other people-friendly, eco-friendly practices, Delta Granite has reduced water usage dramatically by activating protective resource management into every step of its stone-crafting process.

What Our Customers Say

Michele and I want to thank Delta Granite for their beautiful work on our Vetrazzo recycled glass counter tops just installed in our newly remodeled kitchen. Even though we had to wait for them to be made and delivered, the experience that Delta provided was one of professionalism and attention to detail. Our salesperson was informative during every step of the process. I never had to worry about anything as Delta was always there to handle everything. We would like to thank all of the employees who provided us sales and scheduling and the very experienced installers who worked very hard to make sure every detail of our installation was perfectly and professionally provided. I worried about nothing, and the job was done beautifully and efficiently. Their production and installation professionals did a fantastic job. We love our new kitchen thanks to Delta.

Ernest & Michele H., San Antonio, TX

They came recommended to me by a relative, so I expected them to be a good reputable source for granite. However, I did not expect them to be outstandingly responsive to our remodeling schedule. From our first visit with our salesperson, to measuring, to engineering’s brilliance on helping us craft our pieces from a beautiful slab, to installation, we experienced nothing but excellence in service and attention to detail. They are uncompromisingly efficient and caring. Our scheduling changes were honored by them with professionalism and concern. We heartily recommend them to our relatives and friends as well. Good job, Delta!

Peggy C., San Antonio, TX
Delta Granite and Marble, Inc. are so professional. They worked very meticulously to cut and place a very difficult piece of granite for me. They worked and worked on that piece until they got it absolutely right! The whole thing turned out perfectly wonderful! Very professional and the work ethic was beyond compare!
Jan H., San Antonio, TX