remedies for varicose veins are an unsightly problem for many. They are mostly found in the legs and have a bumpy, twisted and bluish appearance. Women seem to suffer from them more often than men. Direct causes are not always easy to determine, but there are several theories believed to lead to the condition. There are many different treatments available to eliminate them which range from outpatient procedures to general surgery requiring a hospital stay.

Possible causes of varicose veins are:

Standing or sitting for long periods of time on a daily basis
Lack of exercise or activity

In order to try to prevent the veins from protruding involves simple methods of wearing support hose, weight control, and getting regular exercise. There is no guarantee that one will not ever develop them, but following preventative steps may help.

Those that suffer varicose veins have several options to choose from for treatment. Meeting with a physician and discussing the different options is the first step in making them go away.

Possible treatment options include:

Vein Glue
Radio-frequency Ablation

There are two types of sclerotherapy, ultrasound and microsclerotherapy. The first involves utilizing ultrasound for guidance and injecting a prepared solution into the targeted veins. The treated vein wall will collapse. Over time, the vein will dissolve and be absorbed by the body. With microsclerotherapy, the idea is the same, but the doctor can directly see where the vein being injected. The vein hardens once the solution is in and then is eventually absorbed by the body.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy is a type of outpatient surgery that consists of creating several punctures in the skin along the location of the problem vein. Segment by segment the vein is removed. This procedure is completed through both visual and Doppler ultrasound.

Vein glue is a newer technique that is administered by using a local anesthetic and inserting a catheter into the targeted vein, medical grade glue is inserted directly inside the vein which glues the vein walls together. After a few hours, the vein hardens permanently and over a period of several months is absorbed into the body.

Radiofrequency Ablation is a minimally invasive procedure. It requires heating of the vein with heat to damage the vein itself. This action leads to direct closure of it. Finally, it will be absorbed into the body. This procedure is covered by Medicare.

Depending on the health history of each patient, the doctor will determine which treatment is best. Healing time is unique to each patient as well. Most procedures can be done on an outpatient basis.

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