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Why Choose Delta Granite?


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Delta Granite is the premier provider of granite countertops in San Antonio and South Texas.

For over 25 years, Delta Granite has been the trusted expert in granite countertops, increasing the value and the beauty of our customer’s homes and businesses by helping them discover the perfect granite and marble solutions for their custom kitchens, bathrooms, and offices.

Our Delta Granite team guides each customer through every step of the project, from design consultation, to materials selection, to custom fabrication... all the way through precision installation. Visit our massive granite slab yard and our showroom of granite countertops, bath surround, showers, sinks, and more.

Stone Types & Colors






Delicatus 38366 Taj Mahal 23180 Calacatta Gold JuraBeige





25544 Onice Cappuccino 33886 Soapstone 31538 Silver Beige Travertine